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Using the Canvia desktop app
Select from the below instructions for controlling Canvia via the desktop app. You can also control Canvia via the app or web account.
You can use the Canvia desktop app to:
  • Register your device with the Canvia platform or the Members site.

    • Before registration, please make sure your Canvia is in its original state (for instructions on how to reset, see here).

  • Manage multiple Canvia devices

  • Configure Wi-Fi on your Canvia, troubleshoot syncing, network or registration issues and download software updates

  • Upload personal images & playlists, add descriptions, etc.

  • Select artworks and playlists for the display on your Canvia

  • See what is playing now and what is in the playback queue

  • See and manage the content that is downloaded on your device.

  • Configure various settings of your device (e.g. display, timezone, etc.)

You can install the Windows version from the Windows App Store ( search for "Canvia Desktop app" )or download a Windows version of the desktop app here.
Note: once downloaded right click on the EXE install file and give permission for installation

You can download a Mac version of the desktop app here
Note: please check this link for installation help:

You can download a PDF of complete instructions for the desktop app here.

Please reach out to if you still have any questions.

Please note that some Canvia features might change over time and we will be updating setup instructions and tutorials accordingly.

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