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Important Questions and Answers


The Canvia device and platform has two functions:

1. Explore, search for and organize artworks for display

2. Display artworks on your device using the mobile app, web controller or desktop app, and manage Canvia's display settings


Explore, search and organise your collection

You can explore Canvia's library, search for specific artworks & artists, and organise your collection for display via your Canvia web account. (Go to Show me how to use my Canvia web account for more details). 


Playlists and artworks can be organised in the following ways: 

  1. As a 'Queue': this allows you to create a queue of artworks to be streamed to your Canvia device, at specific intervals

  2. As 'Favorite & Personal Playlists': you can add your preferred artworks to these playlists; you can then access the playlists via the Canvia app and control what is displayed 

Note: currently, you cannot explore or add playlists/artworks via the mobile app - we will be adding this functionality in future.

Display artworks on your device using the mobile app, web controller or desktop app, and manage Canvia's display settings


Selected playlists or artworks under Queue can be controlled via the web controller or mobile app.

Selected playlists/artworks under my collection (Favorite or Personal playlists) or featured playlists(Selected by the curation team) can be displayed via the mobile app.


Display settings can be changed via all three interfaces: web controller or mobile app or desktop app.

I have a question about my order

Please reach out to if you have a question about your order.


Some Canvia features might change over time and we will be updating setup instructions and tutorials accordingly.

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